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Archivo kits guide undocumented people to collect and organize documents proving their continued presence in the U.S.

Archivo is a practical tool that includes a booklet guide, a calendar to keep track of documents collected, and folders for each year of documents. Maintaining as many documents as possible can be useful during emergencies, such as getting out of detention on a bond. Archivo guides people to collect and organize copies of documents that prove their residence, employment, education and continued presence in the US.

All Archivo kits have been ordered as of March 2017. We will be providing more information on this website to make your own kits, check back soon!

Please consider contributing to our GoFundMe to help us with our final printing and shipping costs.

What is included?


Use the guide to reference suggested documents to collect. The document list starts on page 10. View the guide as a PDF.


Use this document calendar to maintain a catalog of documents that prove your residence in the United States. View the calendar as a PDF.


Folders for each year of documents and an extra for forms and other materials.

Document Case

Archivo includes a case to protect your documents.

Distributing Archivo

We produced 2,000 kits in July 2016 and distributed them through community workshops in Washington, Oregon, California, Tennessee, and Illinois. The workshops, organized by local immigration activists, included information about how to use Archivo as a way to collect and use documents, updates on U.S. immigration policy and overviews of important legal rights and protections for immigrant communities.

Archivo is collaboration between Community 2 Community, Latino Advocacy and Seattle designers Catherine Lim, Jennifer Cheng and Tyler Monteferrante. This project was funded by the Sappi Ideas That Matter grant and Emerald City Graphics.

Questions or comments? Reach us at archivodesign@gmail.com